Available courses

Explanation of the meaning and uses of Database. Database Management System further examined. Database Administration and Administrator (DBA). Methods of organizing Data. Information storage & retrieval information management application, information capture and representation, analysis & indexing, search, retrieval, information privacy; integrity, security, scalability, efficiency, and database system: Component of database system DBMS functions, database architecture and database independence, use of database query language. Intensive Practical with Dbase IV, Microsoft Access, or Oracle. Data Security, Communications. System maintenance: User Involvement, Project Handling and Control. Query languages and JCLs. Intensive Practical with SQL, MySQL or other current query language.


Language definition structure; Data types and structure; Review of basic data types, including lists and trees, control structure and data flow; Run-time consideration, interpretative languages, lexical analysis and parsing; Pre-requisite CSC112, CSC211, CSC221 & CSC324