Available courses

An introduction to database design including physical/logical representation, Normalization, Report Generator, modeling, database systems, and implementation using SQL or ORACLE. Relational Databases: mapping conceptual schema to relationship schema; Database Query language (SQL) concept of Functional Dependencies. Transaction processing; Distributed databases.

Explanation of the meaning and uses of Database. Database Management System further examined. Database Administration and Administrator (DBA). Methods of organizing Data. Information storage & retrieval information management application, information capture and representation, analysis & indexing, search, retrieval, information privacy; integrity, security, scalability, efficiency, and database system: Component of database system DBMS functions, database architecture and database independence, use of database query language. Intensive Practical with Dbase IV, Microsoft Access, or Oracle. Data Security, Communications. System maintenance: User Involvement, Project Handling and Control. Query languages and JCLs. Intensive Practical with SQL, MySQL or other current query language.

rigin of Tak'ful, Principles of Islamic Insurance, Concept of Cooperative Insurance, Models of Islamic life Insurance, the various principles of insurance; uberima fides, caveat emptor, utmost good faith etc car and marine insurance, Islamic insurance and allied institutions, Islamic insurance practice in the world. e.t.c.

Meaning, types and hierarchy of values. Values that guarantee harmonious relationship in societies such as hard work, honesty, diligence, patriotism, transparency, inter alia. Vices abhorred in the African societies such as laziness, stealing, backbiting, masturbation, homosexuality, lesbianism, etc. strategies/ techniques needed to combat vices in the society (e.g Kantianism / Kant)